Breast Cancer

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Why Breast Cancer............. ?

I am a boy. Naturally a boy or a man can not realize the hidden pain of a girl or a woman. Today's many woman are suffer in BREAST CANCER. Why ....... ? Lack of awareness. Breast cancer is now a common diseases. Those woman who are over 50 years old, possibility of breast cancer more than below 50 years old woman. Many poor woman can not take proper treatment to develop their diseases. Highest rate of breast cancer are USA and UK . There is no certain cause for breast cancer.

Come forward to help people

We should come forward to help those woman who are sufferer in breast cancer .There are many companies helping those affected women by collecting fund. They also collect fund from the other company. And few company collect fund from people.Like New Jewelry Exchange.Com, They are donating to breast cancer charities . Is it little amount ? No, they are donating $2.00 for every Jesus Bracelet racelet purchased.


According to American Cancer Society ..Almost 2,45,320 new cases of invasive of breast cancer will be diagnosed in woman. Read more