Old Stone Age and New Stone Age

Paleolithic Era and the Neolithic Era

Old Stone Age- Paleolithic Era; 12,000-7,000 years ago

How did man survive?

  • Hunting Animals- Man hunted in groups. They hunted mammoths, wild boar, and reindeer.
  • Gathering roots- Shabby Inkcaps, Crowberry, Movel, Gooseberry and Scurvy Grass.
  • Making tools out of stone and wood.
  • Food Processing- Flint blades were used to skin the animals.
  • Making Shelters- Caves and tents were used as a source of housing. Anything that was easy to pack up.
  • Nomads- They had no settled home.
  • Migration of man- Africa, Asia, Russia and South America.

New Stone Age- Neolithic Era; 6,000-12,000 years ago

How did man survive?

  • Settlement in one place- Farming and clearing land.
  • Agriculture: Raising crops and animals
  • Domesticating Animals- Man used animals to help them farm, Some animals were wild goat, cattle and sheep
  • Domesticating Crops- Some crops that were domesticated were corn and wheat.
  • Tools: Stone, bone, wood, and copper was added.

Comparing and contrasting the Paleolithic Era and the Neolithic Era

The Old Stone Age, also known as the Paleolithic Era, was a time that lasted between 12,000 to 70,000 years ago while the New Stone Age, which is known as the Neolithic Era, lasted 6,000 to 12,000 years ago. The Paleolithic Era was filled with hunting and gathering and nomads, which are a group of people who don't have a settled home. Unlike the Old Stone age, the New Stone Age had farming and settled homes. Man learned to farm and domesticate land and animals. There was no need for them to be nomadic. The tools were the same, they used stone, bone and wood, but copper was added to the New Stone age. Copper made the invention of new tools easier.

Both the New Stone Age and the Old Stone Age used hunting as a source of food. Man hunted mammoths, wild boar reindeer and many more animals. Now that man learned to farm during the Neolithic Era, they domesticated crops such as corn and wheat. Man also domesticated certain animals, which made it easier to farm such as wild goats, cattle and sheep. The Paleolithic Era used food processing which was when flint was used to skin the animals. The Neolithic Era had easier tools that man used to skin the animals and get rid of the parts that they don't want to use, even though nothing went to waste. Every part of the animal was used.