Eraser Test

By Ken Nomura


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Used 3 types of erasers: Vinyl, kneaded, and rubber erasers to see which one would erase the large area of dark marks the most efficiently.


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Vinyl: At first made smears and marks instead of erasing them, but when I erased with a greater amount of effort, it was able to erase most of the marks.

Kneaded: It could not erase the marks at all because the kneaded erasers were made to erase detailed marks.

Rubber/Pink Pearled: Erased the marks immediately but left behind more marks than the vinyl eraser.

Analysis: The best eraser to erase dark areas is rubber erasers if you want to erase quickly and do not mind marks left behind. The vinyl eraser was not the best choice because although it erased the marks cleanly, it took a great amount of effort to get rid of the marks.