Industrial Revolution Invention

The Langstroth Beehive by Jade Carfi Block 3

Who created this invention? Why was it created, and what does it do? What problem did it solve?

The person who created the Langstroth Beehive was Lorenzo L. Langstroth. It was the first beehive with moveable parts to make moving the slides with the hives in them easier. It was much easier to operate and to keep for a beekeeper.

When was it created?

This version of the beehive was created in approximately 1850. There were beehives before the Langstroth hive, but none with moveable parts like this one.

Main beehives throughout the years-

  • Natural hives- bees have been creating their own hives for millions of years
  • Mud and Clay hives (artificial)- the Egyptians started to make mud and clay hives to harvest honey
  • Skeps (artificial)- people started to make baskets for the bees to live in
  • Modern hive (artificial)- most modern beehives have moveable parts and are made like the Langstroth hive

How does it work?

The main functions of the beehive are:

  • to give the bees with shelter from things like rain and snow or anything that can kill them
  • a space to make a brood
  • a space to store honey
  • ventilation so that the bees can manage the colony’s temperature
  • let the beekeeper be able to look inside and care for the bees
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