Dog Fighting

What Is Dog Fighting?

Dog fighting is a blood sport between two dogs. A dog fight happens when two dogs are bred to fight and hate other dogs. A dog fight ends with either a dog quitting or fighting til the death, 8/10 times dogs that lose the fight and do not fight til the end are killed by the owner. The most common dog breed used for dog fighting is a pitbull witch is the reason they have a bad reputation.

Why is Dog Fighting a thing?

Many people think dog fighting is a sport just as MMA. It is usually found in southern states and found most in poverty areas of southern states. Dog fighting to many is money, the highest average purse could earn up to 5,000 just for one fight.

Bully Breeds are misunderstood because of Dog Fighting.

The reason "bully breeds" are used as dog fighting dogs is because they are loyal to owners and easy to train. You can use that same loyalty and easiness to train to have a very loyal, sweet and gentle dog. Do not let media fool you into thinking bully breeds are bad for family pets and bad with other dogs when its the exact opposite!