Dallas is a positive, get it done city.

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You have a lot of hotels, very expensive and very cheap.

Famous people from Dallas

There are a lot of famous people who were born in Dallas. We don't know a lot them, but there are a few.

1- Demi Lovato, she is a singer and an actrice.

2- Nick Jonas, he is a actor and a singer.


3- Greg Vaughan, he is a actor and a model

4- Usher, he is a actor and a rapper

Movie and tv shows locations in Dallas

One of the most popular tv shows is prison break, it's also on netflix. The second and third seasons were recorded in Dallas.

Dallas is also an American soap show, it's recorded in Dallas. We're not sure, but it sounds logical. It's one of the most longest soap series in the USA. It has 357 episodes.

Hotspots in Dallas:

If you visit Dallas you can see a lot of things.

You can do different tours in Dallas, here are a few:

JFK & Dallas tour, cruz Dallas tour, JFK experience tour, limo tour and you can choose the Dallas of the dark tour.

For more information about prices and the time you can visit: www.dallascitytour.com .