Palace of Lies

By: Margaret Peterson Haddix


The conflict in the story is when 12 royal princesses were in a palace fire, but only on princess made it through the fire well...that's what they think. So the people in the palace try to start figuring out who started and caused the palace fire. But the one princess gathered some of her friends and went to try and figure out who started the palace fire, they had a lot of struggles through the way. But to find the princesses and Ella and Jed they had to go to another palace in Charmeil, but The first princess get's caught trying to find them.

How the conflict is resolved

The conflict is resolved by the princess that survived and she gathered her friends Janelia,and Herk they went to another palace called "Charmeil" to try and find Ella and Jed and the other royal princesses and find out who set the palace on fire.


The summary of the book is 12 princesses were in a palace fire and as far as they know only one princess survived. So the one princess and 2 friends go and try to find out who cause and started this palace fire that cause so many deaths so they go to another palace in Charmeil and try to figure a way into the palace but then she get's locked in the dungeon cell, she finds a way to get out and go to the ball room and the prince asked her to dance.... you'll have to read the book to finds out what happens next in the book "Palace of Lies by Margaret Peterson Haddix "


The theme of the story is if you go after something and you are strong about it then go for it this book shows this because when the one princess survived the fire she was strong about finding her other sister princesses.