Industrialization in Germany

Brittany Helm

Becoming an Industrial Country

  • Before 1870, Germany was not properly united at all
  • This was because of the power struggle between Prussia and Austria
  • In 1871, the confederation was formed
  • All German states were under one ruler
  • The country was now co-ordinated
  • Less vulnerable to political, social, or military attack

The First Industry

  • The first factory was built in 1784
  • Built in Ratingen
  • Was a textile industry
  • Called Cromford
  • Used spinning machines and power looms
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Profitable Country

  • Laws enforced other countries goods to go up which made german goods better value
  • Strengthened the economy
  • Went through a rapid growth
  • A boost was caused when France owed 5 billion dollars to Germany after the Seven Weeks war
  • Germany also received territories of Alsace and Lorraine
  • These territories were rich in soil and minerals
  • Had coal and steel industries which helped the chemical and electrical industries
  • Chemical industry was the best in the country
  • Doing a lot better than France by 1880


  • Was not one of the first countries to have railroads
  • Railroads provided faster transportations for goods and people
  • Germany became the centre of activity
  • Sending goods to the south was better because previous to the railroads, they had to ship on rivers which only flowed north
  • Most of the south was major cities and trading partners
  • Steel and coal was needed
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Railroads in Germany were very helpful


  • Germany provided an education curriculum
  • Taught electrics, chemistry, and physics
  • Better scientists were coming of age through this program
  • This made Germany strong in the technical fields

My Reaction...

Germany was a late springier in the industrial revolution. I feel that a lot was compiled from England, but it soon came to be better than most countries. I was surprised as to how fast Germany became so successful. Before anything evolved, Germany was falling apart. It is quite impressive as to how they got back up on their feet and rolling to a better future. The railroads truly helped Germany tremendously. I believe that the railroads were the best for Germany because they helped give goods to southern states with is lots of money for Germany. In all, Germany was a very impressive country with their great ideas and industries.

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