Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics

By: Emma Dyer

Comparisons and Differences

There are some great differences between Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform like the Symbols, Hieroglyphics are more towards the picture side rather than symbols and don't get me wrong they are symbols but they also describe the past as well as the present. Cuneiform is only considered as symbols they are written on tablets in stead of walls. The facts that you can compare about Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics are that they both whatever the kind both use symbols that are difficult to read as Americans now and couldn't be translated for a few hundred years!

Who, How and Why the Writings Were Created

Cuneiform: Cuneiform was Used and created by the Scribes in Mesopotamia. Their language was Created by Sumerians (scribes) of Ancient Mesopotamia.

Hieroglyphics: Scribes in Egypt used and created Hieroglyphics. By starting out with each letter they slowly figure out how to involve the Symbol/pictures to fit with the correct meaning in their alphabet.

The Origins and Importance of Each

Hieroglyphics were originally from Egypt, and Cuneiform was originally form Ancient Mesopotamia. Hieroglyphics are important because they have very unique symbols that are hard to duplicate. Cuneiform is important because like Hieroglyphics it;s a Special language that almost know one else attempt duplicates.