DC Staff Update

6 September 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

DC and RCHK ran a joint MYP presentation to representatives from ESF primary and secondary schools last Friday at KGV School. Andy, Kirsty, Flora, Sue, John and Peter M all spoke eloquently around the philosophy, structure and positive educational benefits of the MYP. Their compelling presentations were well received by everyone there.

A big thank you to the organisers as well as the 140 or so staff and families to came to the Staff BBQ on Friday night. We could not have asked for a better evening of company and weather.

ComTeach / ComSupport Reps

Congratulations and thanks to Michael Fraser and Jason Boon who are our ComTeach Reps, and to Clement Tam who was re-elected onto ComSupport.

Clarifying lateness

There has been a little confusion over what time students are expected to be present and swiped in to school each day. The wording "by 8.20am" means before the school clock changes to 8.20am. Any students swiping in after the clock displays 8.20pm will be recorded as late.

PTA morning tea for staff

Please refer below to an invitation to all staff to join our PTA for their annual Staff Morning Tea this coming Friday. This is one of several opportunities each year that our wonderful PTA recognise the work that we all do.
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Two of our senior music students, Leo Davin and Kathy Lau, invite you to their recital, titled ClassicAllusions, on Wednesday 16 September at 4.30pm. The recital is a requirement in fulfilling part of their DP Music Performance requirements.

This week

Thursday is the second of our New Teacher Information Sessions, this week looking at HR issues. Our PTA is putting on Morning Tea on Friday, and secondary have the first of their 4 CPD afternoons later that day.
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