Andrew Jackson

A presidential Hero

Started from the buttom now he's here

First it started with his parents Elizabeth and Andrew that immigrated to America 2 years before he was born on the Carolina borders, then merried a women named Raachel lived in a log cabin. In his younger days went to war with his brothers but both died on that tragic day. Then got influence by politics to become a lawyer. Finally, becoming The President of the United States of America.

The Voice of ''Common Man''

The reason why he was the voice of ''common man'' was because he vouched for the people by saying that he feels there pain and how he used to be just like an average american citizen. That's what the people liked they wanted a guy who represents the lower class, middle class, and merchants. Just by all means looking out for the working class citizens.

Battle of New Orleans

January 8 1815

Andrew Jackson took command of the american forces to beat the British force once again. It started in the morning when the British fleet set up in the gulf of Mexico.But Andrew crushed after 2 weeks of fighting.