Safety and Security Online

Online Predators

Online Predators and how to detect them.

  • Online predators seduce their target by giving them the attention and affection they are looking for
  • Predators share pornography to try to persuade them that sex is OK with an adult.
  • Teens who engage in online chat rooms are more likely to be solicited
  • Long distance phone call from a strange man it could be a sex offender seeking to engage in phone sex.

How to Avoid Online Predators

  • Family watch is a good website to check for sex offenders in their area.
  • If a parent talks to their children about the red flags to look for online.
  • When talking to someone you don't know do not go meet them unless you know its really them.
  • If your talking to someone and their asking personal questions you know they shouldn't be, this could be a predator.