Kelowna Geo-Tour

by jack and carter

Knox mountain

The first stop on our tour is Knox mountain, take a 15 minute bus ride through the hart of kelowna to the foot of the mountain then up the back road to Paul's Tomb lookout. Here you can see Mt. Boucherie, and Bear Creek Canyon, however you can't see Dilworth mountain or Layer Cake mountain. Now here is just a fraction of what you'll learn on your trip, first off how these landforms were created and there is 4 different ways they could have been made, tectonic plates moving/meeting, Erotian, volcanoes, and glaziers. Heres an example of tectonic plates moving, so there is a fault line that runs down the Okanogan lake. A fault line is where to plates meet, so these plates created the mountains all along the other side of the lake. Also on the topic of the lake, did you know that millions of years ago the Okanogan valley was filled with ice that was 3 kilometers high and as thick as the valley. Then the ice melted but since there was so much of it the water level was about the hight of the Paul's Tomb lookout?

Gormans Mill

sedimantary rock, fossil fuels and coal

Now we're off to Gorman's Mill, take a trip across the lake and up the highway to Gormans mill and our destination is across the highway. Here we will find an abundance sedimentary rock, fossil fuels and layers of coal compressed between the rock. These fossil fuels are leaves that have been buried and hardened over time. Now all that's left of these leaves is the coal within them. These black layers tell us that back when the coal was formed the climate was extremely different, we know that it was hotter and there was more animals, plants and more water. Now, our 3rd stop is Mt. boucherie... We'll, see you there!

Mt. Boucherie

Ahh i see you made it, did you like the scenic route up the mountain yes well let me tell you a bit about Mt. Boucherie, it is a mounting located in west kelowna on the west shore of okanogan lake. It is the remains of a former stratovolcano which is a volcano build up by many layers of hardened lava created nearly 60 million years ago. when we arrive at this mountain we will find lots of igneous rock. We know that these rocks are igneous because theye have air pockets/wholes in them. These rocks littered the mountain side. This mountain is a lot smaller than it was 50 million ago, its smaller because of severe weather like rain snow and erotians.


After you have explored Gormans mill we will take a stop at mission creek to have some lunch. Its a nice relaxing brake from all the info you've already learned
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Layer Cake Montain

to get to layer cake mountain take a scenic bus ride to the heart of east kelowna then on your left you'll see the mountain here is the theory on it has its unique appearance. it formed into this unique shape from lots of plat movement. the east plate met up with the the west plate creating a fault line and it pushed up the ground to make a mountain. The mountain got its layers from lava flow.
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The Quarry

after we explore layer cake mountain we will stop by the quarry to get here we take a nice half a km drive and we will end up at the quarry. At the Quarry you can find a jackpot of metamorphic rock the metamorphic rock is formed by lots of hot heat and pressure. you can tell it is metamorphic rock because of the lines in it.
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