Welcome to C.A.M.P. Hickory

Third Grade is "S'more" fun than you can imagine!

Meet Your Teachers

Did you know you'll have two teachers this year? That's right, Mrs. Chastain and Mrs. DeTurk will both be your teachers in third grade! They've been a team for 15 years at Camp H.C. Most days, you'll see Mrs. C. in the mornings and Mrs. D. in the afternoons. They'll both be there on the first day together and can't wait to see you!

Will We Really Go Camping?

We don't have a campout in the woods, or sleep in tents, but we do pretend to be on a camping spree all year. C.A.M.P., H.C. is more than just a fun camping theme. In third grade, we use the letters to remind us of something bigger; Community Action Makes Productive, Happy Citizens. We spend the year thinking of ways to take action in our school and in our community. One way we kick-off C.A.M.P., H.C. is with a special Camp Night. You'll hear more about this event soon. We spend an evening at school doing jobs for teachers AND having fun! The evening will include a campfire, hayride and scavenger hunt. You won't want to miss it! Date and more info to come!

Camp Night

H.C. has a new principal, Mrs. Johanningsmeier. Come meet her on Aug. 11th. (More details below.)

A Few Teacher Facts For You

Mrs. C. is mom to three "kid/adults": Chandler, 22, Caitlyn, 19 and Caroline 15. Two college students (Ball State & Indiana Wesleyan) and one high schooler (CHS)... phew! She has taught Kindergarten, 1st & 3rd grade. Her husband, Bill, is a veterinarian. The family pets include a dog, Oliver and cat, Pedro.

Mrs. D. is mom to four kiddos: Luke, 15, Kate, 13, Maggie, 8 and Evelyn 5. One high schooler (CHS), one middle schooler (CMS) and two elementary-aged (HC)... double phew! She has taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th grade. Her husband, Todd, is a physician's assitant. The family pet includes Wrigley (the real-life "big red dog").

Mrs. Chastain and Mrs. DeTurk have a lot in common. Teaching is one of their biggest "likes". They are also fans of sushi. In fact, it is a tradition that midterm reports and report cards are a collaborative effort over sushi dinners. The one thing they don't have in common is college. Mrs. C. graduated from Purdue and Mrs. D. from I.U. It's okay to "agree to disagree" when it comes to college sports, right?

We look forward to hearing many fun facts about you when school starts. We hope to see you on Aug. 11th 6:00-7:00 p.m. for Meet the Teacher Night. (New this year, Meet the Teacher Night will be before the first day of school.) We'll also be watching for you on the first day, Aug. 13th. Our room is right by the tent. See you soon camper!