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September 2021

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A Message From our Director-September 2021

Hello Chapter P!

Happy September! We enjoyed having fun and food at our house with the group last month, although we did have the shortest boat ride ever! You’ll be glad to know we had the 20 hour service and the boat is fine, come back and we’ll go for a long boat ride! We will be having our September meeting at Spring Creek BBQ Thursday, 8/12 at 7:00 pm, but come early and eat!

We will be hosting a First Aid/CPR course in Granbury on Saturday, October 30, 2021. An instructor from GWRRA will be coming to teach the course that can be credited for the levels program. This is a 4 hour course and will be a cost of $30.00 per person. This is a great training program, hoping you will never need it but you never know for sure. Time and location will be shared at a later date but please let us know if you are interested in taking this class as there is a limit on how many students can attend.

Our new website is now active, at with the calendar, newsletter and everything! Yahoo! We could really use a webmaster, so if you have some website experience, please give us a call! Ann is doing a great job with this, but she’s got her hands full with the newsletter and teaching, we’d love it if someone could give a hand with it! Nothing big required, just loading on the newsletter and pictures!

Again, our thanks go out to Ann Graham for doing our newsletter! She does need input from us all, if you think of an interesting subject, please write it up and send it to her at Thanks to Jeff Graham for stepping up and taking the position of Treasurer, he’s doing a great job! Also thanks to Eddie & Christi for planning rides and Membership Enhancement! We have other positions to fill if you are interested, i.e. Assistant CD, webmaster, and sunshine person. Thanks to all for your participation!

We hope you are staying well and safe! Get out a

nd ride!

Chapter P Director (Texas)

Gary & Becky Wheatley

How Many Wingers Does It Take to Find a Dipstick on a Pontoon???

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"Why Would I?"

In life we (or I especially) get asked a bunch of questions. I don't always have an answer but I do my best to come up with an answer. Non riders sometime ask me "why would you" and Christie choose to ride a motorcycle knowing that riding a motorcycle is obviously more dangerous than being in an automobile. My usual answer is we just really love the experience of riding in the elements. Those that have never experienced the joy of riding probably don't understand my answer, but riding a motorcycling is not for everyone.

"Why do I" always ride with ATGATT(All The Gear All The Time)? Because I do know that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than taking the car or truck. "Why would I" insist that anyone always ride with ATGATT? Well I won't and I don't. We are all adults and we all make our own adult decisions. Now if you ask me "why do I" then I will gladly share my thoughts on the subject.

"Why do I" take a First Aid/CPR course every couple of years? Well I don't refresh this knowledge for myself. I don't know of anyone that has saved their own life using CPR, but maybe they have by using what they have learned with the First Aid knowledge. Even though I hope to never have to use what I've learned, it's my hope that I am capable to help someone if the occasion arises.

"Why do I take some of the other classes that are sometimes offered by GWRRA? Some of the classes that Christie and I have attended are Co-Rider, Road Captain, ARC, Trailering, Group Riding, Riding in the Mountains, Riding in the Rain and probably several others that I can't remember the names of. Well, it all goes back to riding safe. Being an obviously dangerous past-time, I want to do everything I can to lower the odds of an accident especially since my better half is in the back seat. I ride about 15,000 miles every year and Christie is probably with me about 10,000 smiles every year. So the short answer to "Why Do I?" is "Just because I want to".

Rides coming up:

September 15-19th- Oklahoma Rally Ride. KSU 8am from McDonald's in Weatherford.

October 2nd- Lunch to Greenwood Grocery in Decatur. KSU 9am from RaceTrac.

October 4 - 8 --Big Bend Here We Come:)

Ride Safe and Ride Often,

Eddie and Christie

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Purple Goat -- Not to Be Confused with Purple Rain:)

Oklahoma District Rally

Wednesday, Sep. 15th, 8am to Sunday, Sep. 19th, 6pm

Muskogee, OK, USA

Muskogee, OK

KSU at the McDonalds on Main St. Weatherford, Tx. ( HWY 51 ) 8:00 AM

Lunch Ride Greenwood Grocery Near Decatur

Saturday, Oct. 2nd, 9am-1pm

1714 County Road 2740

Decatur, TX

RaceTrac, 1550 S Morgan St, Granbury, TX 76048, USA (map)

Out in the West Texas Town of ....

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Big Bend Ride

Monday, Oct. 4th, 7am to Friday, Oct. 8th, 5pm

Alpine, TX, USA

Alpine, TX

See the article above for more details. KSU still to be determined.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Ride to Big Bend

This October we have a Chapter Ride planned to Big Bend. This email is so that you can put it on your personal calendar and reserve your room since this is a popular destination this time of year. Here is a short version of the ride plan for October 4th thru the 8th.


We will make the 430+ mile ride from Granbury to Alpine via Brownwood, Brady, Menard etc. We will base out of Alpine thru Friday morning. Christie and I have just made our reservations at the Travelodge by Wyndham in Alpine.


We'll do Ft. Davis, McDonald's Observatory, Prada Marfa near Valentine, Marfa and then the

Marfa lights (if we have clear skies). About 160 miles.


We'll head do the River Road by way of Study Butte, Lajitas, Presidio and back to Alpine.

About 240 miles.


We'll do Big Bend National Park. That route is Marathon, Panther Junction, Rio Grande Village, Chisos Basin Visitor Center, Study Butte and back to Alpine. About 260 smiles.


Ride homeward via north to I 20 to Weatherford and beyond. About 440 miles.

This should be a fun trip and we hope that many of you can ride with us!

Ride Safe and Ride Often,

Eddie and Christie

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