Catherine Li

Why you should read Nanberry!!

Three reasons why you should read Nanberry!

Nanberry is a magnificent book to read. It talks about the emotion when feels like he belongs but also he feels stranded between the two cultures , the British and the Indigenous. This book also teaches children what it was like in other peoples shoes in those days.

To start with , this is the most creative and captivating story I've ever read. It is also a very emotional book with moments you will never forget.

The bond between both brothers is astonishing as if it could never break!

This book is also very educational and historical for kids. It explains what life was like from 1788 to 1823 and shares with us what Australia's real beauty is , not technology but the birth right of nature. Children can learn the way of language of people who were first here.

This book has really amazing characters , also important ones. This book is thrilling with people in it that shares the equal importance based on the impact to the colony!

To end this , Nanberry is an extraordinary book with an educational content. I strongly believe that this book is the most historical and important one I've ever read! It will fill you with knowledge on the past life so i recommend this book for all ages!