Band Buzz March 27th, 2022

Falcon Band and Color Guard

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Sign Up for UIL April 12/13 Spring UIL Event

We need timers, bakers, and hospitality help. We need you!

Spring UIL

CLHS is hosting the Spring Band UIL events! We need timers and hospitality volunteers. It might be nice if someone wants to bake something special for the judges!

Here are the details:

1. Pre-UIL for CCISD schools only. April 12th & April 13th (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

2. UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest. April 26th, 27th, 28th (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)


You are in the sight-reading room with the judges, bands, and their directors. You manage the time-clock AND also get to see your student perform with his/her band! There are two shifts: 8 am to 12 noon and 12 noon to 4 pm. Lunch will be provided for you (see below).


Have your student bring your baked goods to school that day OR drop them off at the front reception that morning before 11 a.m. Desserts that are “finger foods” (not requiring slicing or cutting) are best.


Shift #1 (7:00 am to 8:00 am): Make purchases and set-up the teacher lounge in the morning with coffee, juice, and pastries/donuts (you will be reimbursed the same day). Also, fill one cooler with water bottles and another with soft drinks.

Shift #2 (11:00 am to 12:00 pm): Arrange for lunch to be brought in. Meet the delivery person and pay them (you will be reimbursed the same day) and set-up the lunch in the teacher lounge.

Shift #3 (4:00 pm to 4:30 pm)At the end of the day, clean up the teacher lounge. Ask directors what to do with leftover food and beverages.

FBBC By-Laws to Be Updated

FBBC By-Laws Updated

Please click on the link below to see a DRAFT of the new FBBC By-laws. These will be presented at the April 7th meeting and then voted at our May 5th meeting. Please plan to attend BOTH of these meetings to ensure that we have proper representation!

Here is a summary of the changes:

1. Change FBBC Meetings from monthly to 4-5 times per year.

2. Remove the stipulation that full-time CCISD employees cannot serve as an FBBC Officer.

3. Clarify the roles of some of the committee chair positions.

4. Remove the “Game Drinks” chair position (eliminated after 2019 season).

5. Add a new chair position for “Hydration Coordinator.”

6. Move the band scholarship information from the “Special Committees” section to the “Off-Board Position” section.

7. Remove outdated information that no longer applies and add clarifying information as needed.

Nominating Committee

Joy King has volunteered to lead the nominating committee…THANK YOU! We are still looking for two more people to help her. Joy has already made a lot of progress but our bylaws say that the committee must have 3 people. The nominating committee will be made official at the April 7th meeting.

Here is a message from Joy:

“We really need your help next year to keep the band/color guard booster going. If you are a current chair and have not responded, please let me know if you plan to continue next year. If you are interested in any of the following OPEN positions then please contact Joy King at (281-853-5470).”

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FBBC Job Descriptions

All volunteer jobs are described in our by-laws. Feel free to Contact the current chair or board member if you have questions about a position that you are interested in. Contact info is at the very bottom of the buzz.

FBBC General Meeting Crisis!

We were a few members shy of meeting a quorum at our meeting last week, which means that we are behind in voting on various items. We have only 2 meetings left this year and it is IMPERITIVE that we have adequate representation! Please help us by marking your calendar and attending these meetings. Here is a summary of the important business to vote on at our last two meetings.

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Texas Music Scholar Award

The Texas Music Scholar Award designates students in high school music programs who exemplify attributes of meritorious performance in the areas of scholarship, musicianship, and citizenship.

Designation is attained by TMEA Active Member recommendation of students in grades 9-12 who have met the following criteria during the current school year:

  • Is a viable member of the school’s parent musical organization for the entire school year.
  • Maintains in all cumulative coursework an overall “A” average as defined by the local school district for the current school year.
  • Maintains academic eligibility for the entire school year.
  • Participates in all scheduled events of the parent organization.
  • Participates virtually or as a live audience member, two director-approved concert events of high school, collegiate or professional level during a school year.
  • Has auditioned, been selected, and participated as required in a TMEA organization (region band or orchestra).
  • Performs a UIL Prescribed Music List Class 1 solo for a competition or public performance.
  • Consistently exhibits behavior which brings honor to the parent organization, school and community.

Texas Music Scholars receive a certificate and patch from the Texas Music Educators Association signed by the Executive Director.
Please note that this is an award, not a scholarship or other offer of money.

If you/your child would like to be considered for this award, please fill out the online form below by Friday, April 8. Recipients will receive the award at the Band Banquet on May 14.

Band Banquet

The banquet will be on Saturday, May 14th at 6 pm in the beautiful large atrium in the Bayou Building at the University of Houston, Clear Lake. The band council has chosen a “Great Gatsby/1920’s” theme and Italian food for the meal. Tickets can be ordered in April for this event. Look for a form in an upcoming Buzz that you can print out, select meal choices, and attach a check. Note: Senior students attend free of charge!

If you have special talents in event planning (or ideas in reference to the 1920s theme) that you would like to share, then contact Chrystal Limon (Band Banquet Chair) at . In addition, we will need lots of volunteers at the event itself and will keep you informed as it gets closer.

Senior Gifts for the Band Banquet

The deadline to submit information for the senior band gift scrapbooks has passed. Please contact me if the link did not work and you need to submit another way OR if you need more time.

Thank you,
Samantha Houston

Save These Dates

April 2nd – Orchestra UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest

April 5th – Senior Concerto Competition

April 7th – Falcon Band Booster Club Meeting (7 pm)

April 8th – Jazz at the Lake (7 pm)

April 12th-13th – CCISD High Schools Pre-UIL (We are host!)

April 26th, 27th, 28th – UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation (We are host!)

April 30th – Freshman Marching Camp

May 2nd – Freshman Parent Meeting (7 pm)

May 5th – Falcon Band Booster Club Meeting (7 pm)

May 7th – Wind Ensemble U of H Performance (1 pm)

May 9th, 10th, 11th – Auditions for Band

May 14th – Band Banquet (6 pm to 9 pm)

May 17th – Band Spring Concert

May 18th – Orchestra Spring Concert

May 21st – Marching Camp (8 am – 3 pm)

May 25th – CLHS Graduation (8 pm)

Band Buzz Info

If you would like to contribute to the Band Buzz, then contact the appropriate committee or board member. They can send fully edited information to the following e-mail address: . The deadline for submissions is midnight Thursday night.

If you think that you may have missed an email, you can always find the Band Buzz on our CLHS Band Website.

Feel free to ask questions with one of the contacts in the link below.

FBBC Board and Committee Chair Contact Info