2015 Year in Review

By Sela Betz

3 Biggest Entertainment Stories

3 Biggest Sports Stories

Two of the Best Products

Two of the Worst Products

Top Two Movies

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

-They had movie trailers and products of the stars. They also had ads on TV and magazines.

Inside Out

-They had a movie trailer that was put on Twitter and on TV. Also, they had products of the characters and daily Instagram pictures of the characters.

Top Two Musical Artists

Taylor Swift marketed her music well because she caught peoples’ attention by recruiting famous people for her shows. Also, she had a squad of powerfully courageous women who was also in her music video.

Adele marketed her music well because she released just one song from her new album first to get attention. Also, she made wonderful music and marketed her song with a music video that looked like a movie.

Five Influential Public Figures

· Kanye West because he believes in himself and has a lot of confidence. He is greatly talented in the music industry. Also, he influences others to believe in themselves through his music.

· Caitlyn Jenner because Bruce transitioned to a woman. She is a role model for people to be themselves. With her transition, she speaks out for those who do not have a voice in the transgender community.

· Amy Schumer because she is confident with her body and is humorous. She is a great role model for young girls because she expresses that looks do not matter. She is a comedian and brings joy in this world.

· Hillary Clinton because she is running to be the first female president. She is an example that women can do anything then men can do. She is a role model because she inspires others to do things that they may not.

· Pope Francis because he is bringing peace and togetherness for this world. He believes in preserving the environment while helping the less fortunate. He is a role model because he stands behind his beliefs but is open to others’ beliefs too.

New Year's Resolution

· Personal improvement: to stress less about unnecessary things

· Family and friends: to spend more time with them

· School and the outside world: to help others before myself