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Cassiopeia's story

She was the wife of Cepheus and also mother of Andromeda. Cassiopeia made the mistake of bragging that she and Andromeda were the most beautiful people in the world. This offended the gods. They demanded that Andromeda be sacrificed to a monster that Neptune would send. Instead Perseus killed the monster.

the stars in Cassiopeia

General Info

The 5 main stars in Cassiopeia

  • Alpha Cassiopeia (a double or binary star)
  • Beta Cassiopeia
  • Gamma Cassiopeia (a shell star)
  • Delta Cassiopeia
  • Epsilon Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is always visible, at least partially

Cassiopeia has two supernova remnants, and many stars that are barely visible, like

  • Eta Cassiopeia
  • Sigma Cassiopeia
  • Iota Cassiopeia
  • Rho Cassiopeia
  • Psi Cassiopeia