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The Happenings in C106

What's Buzzing?

Welcome back for week six!


Students have been working to write their own fable making sure to include characters, a setting, a problem and solution, as well as a moral and use of dialogue. They are now working on reviewing their draft and utilizing notes and questions from me to improve their writing. We are also working on learning how to correctly punctuate dialogue in our written pieces. Students have also started working on identifying and correctly using irregular and regular verbs in present, past, and past participle forms.

In reading we are focusing more on how to respond to a question by citing evidence directly from the text to support our thinking and reasoning. I am very impressed with the dedication and thought they are putting into our discussion of Frindle in our small guided reading groups. We are also going to start utilizing technology this week to respond to questions about our reading.

Students are continuing to work daily on Lexia for reading skills and IXL for math skills. We are required to complete 30 minutes a day of practice on each website. These websites can also be accessed at home. The username and password are the same for both and all students have these memorized.



In math, we are now focusing on addition and subtraction with regrouping in numbers up to the thousands, as well as in word problems. Over the next two weeks we will also be focusing on counting money and determining if there is enough to make a purchase, as well as elapsed time.


-Three tic tac toe activities due Friday

-Nightly math worksheet

-Read for 20 minutes at least EVERY night