The Carter Center

Disease in Africa

The Carter Center helps with peace and disease worldwide. Right now they are helping in Africa with disease. Guniea worm, river blindness, and malaria are the biggest diseases in Africa. They have no medicine for Guniea worm, they have to pull it out. There is little to none Guniea worm left in Africa. For malaria they give out bed nets and treatments to the people from getting the disease

Waging peace. Fighting disease. Building hope.

On Februrary 17, 2011, Niger and Nigeria no longer have the Guinea worm. "We had 3.5 million cases of Guniea worm and village by village by village we have done away with" Jimmy Carter said about the Guniea worm disease. Helping build village based health care systems so people don't have to walk far to get medical attention. The Carter Center is helping worldwide and helping mostly in Africa.
FIGHTING DISEASE: Guinea Worm 101 (The Carter Center)

Get Involved

Get involved with The Carter Center. You can donate money, become an intern, and volunteer. Just go the the website and click "Get Involved". The options are all on the website. One of the things you can do is go to public events and find more ways to help out. The Carter Center is non-profit because we have no workers, just volunteers and interns. The Carter Center runs off donations, 90% of donations go to the programs for helping.


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