zombie Apocalypse survival


appalahian highlands

The Appalachian highlands i think that is a really good place to be at encase of a zombie apocalypse. Because it has old mountains that we can climb.There will be rivers that i can escape at like the Shenandoah river ( valley). I give this a 9 because it really has mountains.

Coastal Plain

The coastal plains would be a really bad idea to be there.Because it has flat lands and there is barely a little bit of rivers.has long beaches were there could be zombies in the water and they can drown you at.I give it a 2 because it has too much flat land.

Basin And Range

The basin And Range is a good and bad idea.A good idea because it has flat land and you can see the zombies from far away.A bad idea because you could die from the heat. I give it a 5 because it has a lot of flat land were you can see the zombies and because its really hot