Google Drive App for iPad

The best way to transfer images/video from an iPad

iPads + Drive = Happiness

They're great for capturing photos or video clips to illustrate learning that is happening in the classroom. With the plethora of creative, educational apps teachers and students can create just about anything. But what happens when you need your photos or videos more easily accessible? Google Drive is the most efficient way to house files you want unlimited access to.
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Your go-to saving destination

I create, save, and share all my files using Google Drive because it's easy and it saves time. Not to mention- all that space I'm saving on my hard drive is going to keep my machine functioning at tip top shape.

Google Drive makes it easy to upload any file whether it's a Word document, PDF, or JPEG. Visit the App Store on your iPad to download the Google Drive app to easily save and transfer video and images.

If you DO NOT want your files to be backed up automatically...

Want to make uploading even EASIER???

In your camera roll you can personalize your sharing options on the iPad. You can allow specific apps on your iPad with direct access to your camera roll. Meaning- you click on a picture and select where you want it to go. The iPads are set up to allow you to send directly to your Mail app, but Google Drive is waaaaay easier.

Check out the steps below for becoming a sharing pro.

And there you have it, easy access and upload of all things in your iPad's camera roll. This works for ANYTHING! If you plan on sharing the files with others, you need to make sure you adjust the Sharing Settings in Drive.

Anything you upload to Drive is automatically set to "Private" meaning only you can view. These settings can easily be changed to allow others to view and even edit shared files.

For information about sharing in Google Drive, see this link.