Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? By : Mckenzie Mudd

I think Jacksons a.........

Andrew Jackson was kinds crazy but always kept his hand full with many things. I think that Andrew Jackson is a zero. In the beginning of 1828 campaign reveled little differences between the two candidates on the major political issues including protective tariffs, encouraging national improvement. Jackson always beat Adams at everything, Jackson was Americans first "'frontier President" - the president that did not come from the nation's east-coast elite.

Andrew Jackson Killed the National Bank???

Andrew Jackson did not like the fact that we had a national bank at the time. The Force Bill was basically the reason to get rid of the National Bank. They made a bill saying no national bank and a lot of people were angry. He didn't follow any of the rules and just destroyed the bank. But now the money is equal now and it's fare!

The Nullification Crisis????

The tariffs that were passed during Jackson presidency were the tariff of 1828 and 1832.Nullify means to ignore so the Nullification crisis was basically they ignored everything.The south was very upset because of they had no manafacturing and still relay on heavily and important goods. The power of the Force Bill gave Jackson the power to use the army against them because Jackson could out number them any day ans time.

Indian Removal Act

The trai of tears trying to move the Natives west as to what it is re called to, Jackson tried moving the natives west due to the other cherokee and four other triebs grew and traded and didnt have any say in it. Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. Indians didnt have any say in it.