Join the Patriot Press Newspaper Team!

What We Do?

We are the Patriot Press Newspaper and we work very hard to publish three newspapers a school year to keep our stakeholders informed and entertained. If you have a passion for writing, please apply! SPACE IS LIMITED.

We meet on Mondays!

We meet most Mondays after school in Mrs. Jary's room. We have a light snack, a short meeting, and then get right to work. Our meetings last an hour. Staff writers must adhere to all deadlines in order to continue in the club.

The club is like a sport. Students must try out by submitting an application to highlight their writing abilities.

Committment is Key!

Attendance is mandatory

Students who are chosen must be committed to the club because we function as a team. Therefore, students are only allowed to miss two meetings.

Looking for a photojournalist!

This year we are adding one photojournalist to the team. I am looking for someone who is skilled at photography (with a real camera, not a phone) and LOVES to write.


Tuesday, Sep. 27th, 3-3:30pm

library meeting area