Christmas Break

By: Dal B. publish date: Dec 10th

Christmas Break

The end of the first semester is near, and is the start of a long break from school til next year.The best time to celebrate Christmas and do anything you want. Also the time to hang the light and stocking. Set up the Christmas tree for the gifts. It's nearly Christmas so get ready for the holidays.

Christmas Day

The seaason of giving is near, and santa is coming to town. Everyone is ready for christmas and for the food, family, and friends.The time of giving and recieving gifts to and from all family member and friends. The time to watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, and eat Christmas dinner. So enjoy the Christmas season of warm fires, hot cocoa, and ugly sweaters.

Movies To See During Christmas Break


Point Break-

Star Wars VII-

Ride Along 2-

Ride Along isn't during christmas break, but I think all of you would like it. It's out during Janurary 15th.

Krampus already came out so you can see it in theathers right now.

Star Wars VII comes out on December 18th.

Point Break is comig out on Christmas Day.

Since its almost Christmas Break, you can see them all.