The Culumbian Exchange.

Why you should think the Culumbian Exchange is positive.

Some positive effects the Culumbian exchange had on our lives now.

One positive effect that the Culumbian Exchange had on our lives today where we know have horses in our modern day lives. Without the Culumbian Exchange we would not have horses. This would have meant that when we had no transportation system we wouldn't have been able to carry and catch buffaloes a big part on our life in the Americas back then. The second reason the Culumbian exchange was they brought some really needed crops that we use A lot now days like, corn. We also eat lots of corn. We make cornbread out of corn. The 3rd reason that the Culumbian exchange was good was they introduced us to animals like chickens. We also eat lots of chickens like chicken patty on bun. They serve that at school and without the Culumbian exchange that might not of been possible. These are 3 very good and positive affects the Culumbian Exchange had on the world today as we know it.

A brief explanation of the Culumbian Exchange.

What the Culumbian Exchange was a big trade between the Europeans and the Americans. They both got benefited, but the Americans also got hurt from the Clumbian Exchange. In the end both sides got positive things and they have impacted our modern day life. In Europe and in America. They have some very big long term effects like America having horses and Europe having cattle. These are some of the things that impacted our daily lives know.