My life as a rock

By: Abirami Krishnamurthy

The Metamorphic stage

Hi! I was born as a metamorphic rock. I am Rico the banded layered Gneiss rock. I was exposed to a lot of heat and pressure when I was young and I melted. I went into my second stage or magma.

The Magma Flare

When I melted into magma, I stayed there for 100,000 years. Slowly, I cooled after a long time and turned in an igneous intrusive rock. I became a back, shiny obsidian.

My Igneous Intrusive life

Slowly, over 100,000 years, a tectonic plate crashes into me and I become a metamorphic rock under intense pressure and some heat. This time I turn into a pretty, white, marble rock.


I remain buried in the crust for 10,000,000 years. I am still a metamorphic rock.

Metamorphic again??

For 1,000 years, I was exposed to the surface. I slowly became sediment.


As sediment I get absorbed into the roots of a yellow dandelion.


For 1001 years I go back and forth from being a plant and animal. Eventually I get buried as sediment and become a sedimentary rock called flint.

Sedimentary rock

As flint I just stay buried for 10,000,000 years

The end

Here comes the end to my story: My Life as a Rock