Siamese Cats

By: Aubrey Cox


In this article you will learn about Siamese Cats. You will learn what Siamese Cats eat,look like, what they do and where they live. I hope you learn a lot.

Where they live

In this section you will learn where they live. They would be in prowling around gardens,hiding in bushes or sleeping in a house or in, or cardboard boxes.

What they eat

In this paragraph you will learn what they eat. They eat canned food,cat dry food,and fish raw from the lake and finally eat raw meat.

What they look like

In this paragraph you will learn what they look like. Siamese cats have light blue eyes. There coat colors are white,black,brown, and gray.

what they do

In this section you are going to learn what Siamese Cats do. They like to play,climb,sleep, and run.


In this article you learned about where Siamese Cats live, what they eat, what they look like, and what they do. I hope you learned a lot about Siamese cats!

Fun fact 1

Did you know that some cats don’t have tails?

Fun fact 2

Did you know that cats are the popular pets in the U.S.A?

Fun fact 3

Did you know that cats can have 6 kittens at a time?

Vocabalary word 1 canned food: Canned food is food that is in a closed can.

Vocabalary word 2 kittens

A kitten is a very young cat.