Missing Dog

If found please call (123)456-7890

Loved dog gone missing!

My German Shepard dog has gone missing.She is not like any normal German Shepard dog.She is black with brown DOTS.She has about a inch long fur,and is very hyper and playful.She is ft inches and weighs 30 pounds.Also this particular dog responds to the name of Butter cup

If found...

If you find this dog please be confidante enough to call me at this very number (123)456-7890.If you do not get a response from the times between 8:30 am to 9:00 pm I am going to be at my local pet shop.(or one of my workers).Please be congnasent and sanguine.My pet shop is on 123 fiberton rd

If you have questions...

You can call me visit me in person or check my website.

We are left in despair until Buttercup is found

Please...together we can bring home Buttercup and other animals that are major danger.