Nuclear Family

The Traditional Set-up

What is a Nuclear Family

  1. A nuclear family is a couple and their dependent children, regarded as a basic social unit. Specifically this would include a mother and a father who are married (with no previous maritial ties) and have children (generaly two or three of their own biologically) and in some cases a pet like a cat or a dog. The nuclear family was the norm up untill the latter part of the 20th century. With rising divorce rates and other social changes today, the nuclear family is in decline.

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Struggles and Benefits

It can be hard to maintain family ties with the busy scheduels, staying financially stable, and resolvingb potential conflicts. However, The children will get a healthy view of marraige, learn how to operate in their own families when they're older, and have a united and loving family to turn to when they need them. The parents can also stay strong tohether past the empty nest stage and share the joys of being a succesful parent.


There are many ways that responsibilities can be set up. One example that is a bit more traditional is a stay at home mom who cares for the children and runs the household while the father brings in the pay check to keep the family going. Children and the father would also help with the house and spend quality family time together. Another set up that is more common is both parents have jobs while kids go to a day care or babysitter. Children have more chores in this set up and the mother and father share more of the house care responsibilities. In all situations, the paents are responsible for teaching and diciplining the children as well as loving and caring for them.


The mother and father will spend lots of time together when not at work and share this affection with the children. The husband and wife relationship will be more team oriented as where the parent/child relationship is more of a mentor/disipline relationship. Sibling will often share a bond of strong friendship (subject to change in the teen years with the coming of distint personalities).

Effects on Children

As stated before, children will gain a healthy view of marraige, learn how to run their own future family and function in it, and learn how to function in a team unit.

Additional Resources

If looking after children and balancing careers is a problem, daycare centers are always an option. Church functions can also help parents stay actively involved with other adults as well as open doors for new friendships for the children as well as a strong spiritual development.
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