Lineville Technology

By: Andi Schommer

Typing Web

  • Typing Web helped me to type more efficient.
  • In Typing Web there are courses and every year you go through a different course.
  • I personally like Typing Web better than Typing Pal much better.
  • Throughout the course of this semester I feel that I progressed in my typing.


  • Using iTrailer was very fun and helped me figure different stuff out about it that I didn't know before.
  • In iTrailer I loved importing pictures and editing them, cropping them, etc. It made me feel like a movie maker in a way.
  • I also made an iTrailer about my family in the beginning of the year for LA so I have made two about my family but they are different and it was fun making them and that's what matters.

Haiku Deck

  • Using Haiku Deck was very interesting for me because I had never used it before this year.
  • It was very interesting figuring Haiku Deck out because there is so much to it like adding notes, picture editing text and much more.
  • Although it was challenging to always find the things you need, like pictures, it was fun to figure out a way around that.

Explain Everything

  • Using Explain Everything was also interesting because I had never used it before technology and that helped me in french when we had to make an Explain Everything.
  • I love Explain Everything as much as I love using everything else, it was cool to work with.
  • Explain Everything was easy to use because you didn't have to write out everything, you could speak what you would've typed.

Go Animate

  • During the process of Go Animate it was fun, I liked creating my own cartoon.
  • Although it was a very short cartoon about two truths and a lie, it was cool.
  • I had gotten my own home Go Animate account when I was in forth grade because we used it for something I can't remember what, but I got a home account to use but I never used it until this year.

Career Locker

  • I liked Career Locker because I know that it would help me in the future.
  • Career Locker had a lot of tests but I know that, that is one part of what will help me in the future.
  • My favorite part of Career Locker was when we got to pick our favorite thing as a job and see if we would qualify.