Really great pets!


Turtles are very easy to take care of. They are simple, no maintenance animals. Turtles don't need to be fed often. They can live bothe in and outside, and their habitats are simple. To earn all these things and more, read on.

Feeding Your Turtle

First off, most turtles don't need to be fed often. "Unlike cats and dogs, turtles do not need to be fed everyday."[pge. 37] Most turtles like simple, everyday fruits and veggies, like apples and lettuce. Although, they do need somethimg hard to chew on quite frequntly.

Keeping Them Clean

Furthermore, simpley change the water in their bottle, and remove all droppings. "Turtles living ares need to be kept veryv clean." This means all you have to do is clean their cage every week to ensure your friend is healthy and happy.

Turtle Habitats

Finally, you to make sure their environments are okay for them to live in. "Turtles can be kept both indoors and outdoors."[pge. 32] If you do keep your pet outside, you need to make sure you have both a sunny and shady spot for your turtle to rest. Also, make sure they always have water in their living areas.


In conclusion, turtles are very easy to take care of. Turtles are very easy to take care of, plus it will pay off. You will have a happy, healthy friend for life. They just need you to take care of them.