Monday Minute

March 25, 2019

Five Truths about Middle Schoolers and How to Make the Most of a Critical Phase

Phyllis Fagell is a counselor specializing in K-8 whose articles have been featured in such publications as the Washington Post and Kappan Online. While this particular article from the asklistenorg website refers to parents, there is much that could be helpful for educators as well. Fagell is a great follow on Twitter, has many resources on her website, and has a book coming out in August. She has a regular column for Phi Delta Kappa, with a very thorough article, "How Childhood has Changed for Tweens" released today.
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Our conference website is now live. You may register your staff members (no price increase) and make hotel reservations (an increase of only $3 from last year.)

Final Deadline for Conference Proposals

We asked, you answered! Our deadline to submit a proposal for our 2019 conference is 4 pm on Tuesday, March 26. We will notify those with accepted proposals next month.

SLJ Middle Grade Magic

Yes, part of this summit is commercial, but this online event gives previews of exciting literature soon to be released, as well as access to popular authors, resources, and even prizes. Language arts teachers and librarians in particular may be interested in registering for this event. You may "drop in" at any time between 10 am & 4 pm ET on Wednesday, March 27.

Global Current Event Resources from the Pulitzer Center

Today I attended a webinar featuring the Pulitzer Center, which highlights news from around the world by professional journalists. Through the education tab, they provide lesson plans, in-person and Skype journalist visits, workshops, and professional development. You can view the webinar here, which demonstrated how to best search the website and its resources. I was particularly intrigued by the "Fighting Words Poetry Contest, " and the "Everyday Africa" collection of images.

Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline Now Taking Appointments!

In addition to the regular call/email/text evening hours of 7-10 pm Monday-Thursday, the Rose Hulman Homework Hotline is now allowing students to schedule 20 minute tutoring appointments from 3:30-5:10. A tutor will call at the time reserved in advance. Details and the scheduling page can be found here.

Fun for All Ages: Be a Composer Like Bach

This Google Doodle from last week is the first one that relies on artificial intelligence for results. Below the doodle, you can see some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into it. This would be great to show students and then set them free to compose! You can also have students scroll down the page and examine the map showing the doodle's reach. Why do they think there are so many countries that have not accessed the doodle? Doesn't everyone google?

Opportunities for Educators & Students

And Then There Were More on Spring Break!

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If you are in the next wave going on spring break soon, have a well-deserved, restful time! For others, welcome back!