Kraft Food Corporation

Food Industry Careers Project By: Morgan & Christine

Mission and Values of Kraft

The CEO is Tony Vernon and he is on a mission to make Kraft THE North American Food and beverage industry and the best investment in their industry. They plan to be the best recruiter and trainer of talent in their industry and to execute with excellence. Also to be the best marketer and innovator in the food and beverage service. They value employees who are on board and want top talent. They believe the team with the best players win.

Subsidiaries and Products

Some Kraft subsidiaries include: Nabisco, Oscar Mayer, Gevalia, Freia, and J.S. Fry and sons. Some products include: Mr. Peanut products, Macaroni and Cheese, MiO Energy, Capri Sun, and Oscar Mayer products like sandwich meat and hot dogs.

Some Products:

Job Opporunities

Kraft Careers

Different Kraft careers include Training Supervisor, Turkey Bacon Business Unit Leader, Supply Chain Network Program Manager, Training and Development Coordinator, and Stuffing Business Unit Leader.

One Career- Turkey Bacon Business Unit Leader

Skills and Education Needed: A Bachelor's degree in Food Science, Business, Quality, or related field. Preference to candidate with 5+ years of supervisory experience and experience in meat processing.

Job Description: The Business Unit Leader will initiate, track and drive productivity and manage daily operations in the Turkey Bacon area. The position is the point person for production, and helping coordinate sanitation and maintenance activities.

Salary: Not included.