Green Tree Pythons

How this amazing animal adapted to where it lives

Basic Issue Facts

1.normally stays in trees

2.poses its biggest threat to farmers and fruit pickers

3.does not need to have a diet to mostly meat

4.does not hunt very often

5.usually lives near trees and/or farms

6.usually eats fruit and other greens

7.It is not seen often

8.normally lives near bushes and/or trees normally shy likes to be in trees

My Poem

I once knew a boy who was odd as could be,

He liked to eat fruits and leaves,

And mice and rats and fruity tuti pies,

And he didn't like vegetables or people in his tree!

Sites That I Used For Research, Pictures/Videos, and the Presentation

eyejot, pixlr, national geographic kids, smore, the African wildlife foundation,, google immages.

How This Amazing Animal Adapted to Where It Lives

How did this amazing animal adapt to where it lives? It normally lives in trees to stay cool and camouflaged. It also is usually is a herbivore so it does not have to worry about hunting for food.