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About Thailand

  • Thailand is a country in southeast Asia. It is west of Laos and Cambodia, north of Malaysia, and east of Myanmar.
  • Thailand has three seasons- the hot season (March-May), the cool season (Nov.-Feb.), and the rainy season (June-Oct.).
  • It's climate is tropical with a average temp of 82°F. Tropical monsoons are common.
  • Norther Thailand is covered in mountains which extend along the Myanmar border. The Chao Phraya and Mekong rivers are the two major rivers of Thailand.
  • The official language of Thailand is Thai language. The unofficial second language is English.
  • A Taboo of Thailand is showing the sole of your shoe to someone. This is very offensive and considered a sign of the lowest and dirtiest part of the body. Pointing your feet at people or religions objects is also unacceptable. People have been killed for violating this in the past.
  • A folkway of Thailand is their greeting wai. Place your hands in a prayer like position and slightly nod your head in a bow. The higher your hands are the more respect you have, however the fingertips should never go above the face.
  • Another folkway is to remove your shoes before entering a home or place of worship.
  • When entering an building avoid stepping on door sills this causes bad deities.
  • The left hand is regarded as unclean, so do not eat with it. One may pass objects to another using both hands.
  • One subculture of Thailand is the Cholo. These are the "Mexican gangsters" who live in Thailand.
  • Another subculture is the Thai Hill Tribes. These people live stone houses in the hills and mountains of Thailand where they herd goats or sheep, or own a small farm.
  • There has been a lot of movement of Thai adults to the capital Bangkok and other urban cities to find work. This left the children to be raised by their grandparents. This has significantly changed Thai life. There is a lot of dependency of foreign goods, especially in rural areas.


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By Olivia Johnson Hour 5