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April 5-9


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Anti-Asian racism, hate speech and violent attacks on Asian Americans has increased in recent months but unfortunately, many of these incidents are not being reported. As part of our Stand for the Elimination of Racial-Discrimination we encourage the use of our online reporting system, which was developed out of the racist incidents that targeted our African American and Black youth. We encourage all our students and their families, as well as, our staff and teachers to help Stop AAPI Hate by reporting any incidents of hate they may experience or witness!

We are MT – a COMMUNITY with RESPECT, INTEGRITY and CONFIDENCE and we value all of our students, their human rights and their right to education in a safe environment. Please help us RESPECT the TRAIL and all of our Mustangs. If you see something, say something!

District Link: http://www.egusd.net/about/district/safety/

MTHS Incident Reporting: https://mobile.catapultems.com/elkgroveusd/mth/Report

FAQ: http://www.egusd.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Incident_Reporting_System_FAQs-1.pdf

Off to an EXCELLENT start!

What a great couple of days seeing some of our students back and seeing many of our staff's faces rejuvenated just by having the students in front of us again in the classroom!

Many students expressed that this was "so great to be out of the house and seeing people back at school" and "better than I thought it would be". And a few staff mentioned that helping "even a few students in person made this all worth it." Students did an amazing job following the guidelines and making sure to keep each other and staff safe while adjusting to the differences. And staff met the challenge of concurrent teaching head on delivering curriculum and serving our kids in this innovative way.

This is what we are about -- our students -- and helping them realize their goals and dreams! We are looking forward to the opportunity to continue to see more of our students in person as this goes and to continue to help all of our Mustangs who can't make it to campus just yet.

We love our Mustangs whether at home or here and we will finish this year strong for them all!

To top it off, we ended the week with the excitement of winning our Football senior night game against CO after having tennis, golf and cross country competing in their spring seasons. All teams are representing MT in the best light and we are so proud of you all and the leadership in our programs that daily demonstrate the core values that we have as Mustangs in all moments on and off the field. Thank you!

GREAT job to everyone - staff who made it happen and who keep making it happen every day despite the craziness of the past year and a half AND to families and students for their continued partnership and trust to help us help these amazing students!

We know this is just the start as many other sports start up this week and the selection occurs for students to choose 4 days a week as well.

While we know things can change every day, we are so grateful for the opportunities we are given and we look forward to the potential opportunities ahead.

Let's keep following all safety protocols and keep each other safe so this can continue working toward getting ALL of our Mustangs back on campus. Remember to breathe if things get tough and give yourself and each other grace as we continue to take steps forward.

Together, we can make this the best for our students who deserve only the best we can give! We've got this - we are MT!

EGUSD Community Update April 2

Please find general info about graduation from EGUSD for all high schools here, planning for next year and more

This week on the Trail - Reopening Schedules and Info per day

Monday, April 5 - distance learning for all

Meal Distribution Monday - 6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m (see info in EGUSD community letter)

  • Parent/Guardian selection changes open - 4 day option or changes to 2 day or Distance

Monday Schedule - distance learning only

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Tuesday, April 6
  • Tues/Thurs student cohort is in-person on campus - must bring a charged chromebook
  • Grab and go lunch (there are possibly frozen meals so please get them home asap)
  • Parent/Guardian selection changes open- 4 day option or changes to 2 day or Distance
Wednesday, April 7

  • Wed/Fri student cohort is in-person on campus - must bring a charged chromebook
  • Grab and go lunch (there are possibly frozen meals so please get them home asap)
  • Parent/Guardian selection changes close - 4 day option or changes to 2 day or Distance
Thursday, April 8

  • Tues/Thurs student cohort is in-person on campus - must bring a charged chromebook
  • Grab and go lunch (there are possibly frozen meals so please get them home asap)
Friday, April 9

  • Wed/Fri student cohort is in-person on campus - must bring a charged chromebook
  • Grab and go lunch (there are possibly frozen meals so please get them home asap)

For those changing their preference and requesting 4 days in person, please see Synergy this weekend to note the change for April 13th. If we cannot accommodate, we will be in touch via email or phone call.

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Term 4 testing - we have some unknowns still but we do have CAASPP testing in the works .

-SBAC testing in April - we are currently working on the schedule and will be in touch with special schedules ASAP - this may create a modified testing schedule

Seniors and Graduation - see section below

Athletes and those in need of in person tutoring -

-practices begin at 2:40 at the earliest

the following applies only to those athletes or struggling students who are in person on a given day

*these students with a specific reason to remain will have to check in with an admin or campus supervisor in a location between the gym and MP

- they have sports or a teacher who has set up tutoring in distance learning support time in their classroom with the student

*students will eat outdoors after all other students have left

*they will then be supervised in the classroom or other agreed upon location with the teacher or athlete supervisor to work on distance learning support and homework until practice

*any who are not athletes but were in person distance learning support must exit at 2:40

Athletic Competitions

-guidance may change but has not yet

-spectators are immediate family only and at this time we cannot have staff spectators unfortunately but if that changes we will send something out

-other seasons will start April 5 but there are still no indoor sports at this moment

Go Mustangs! and thank you to the coaches and Coronado for making this an opportunity for our student-athletes

Family Selection for 4 days a week in person

see section below

Click here for the MTHS Student HUB

This is your one stop shop for SO MANY great resources

Wellness Reminders

We want everyone to be well so here are some reminders of resources available in the picture at bottom of newsletter.

And you can visit our Virtual Community Wellness Center. Students are welcome to schedule meetings with their school counselor by accessing the Counseling Website HERE.

Reach out if you need anything.

Option for 4 days in person

We are excited for the opportunity for students to attend school four days per week.

Please note that social distancing requirements are still in place. Despite the fact that the new guidance allows for three-feet of social distancing between students inside the classroom, all adults must still maintain six-feet of social distancing. We expect to be able to accommodate most students who wish to attend school four days per week, but there may be some classroom situations where this will be a challenge. We will work to accommodate as many students as possible in these situations.

Please note: If you would like to remain in your current option, you do not have to take any action at this time.

If you would like to make a change, please log in to ParentVue using the following link: psv.egusd.net

You will find three options:

· Distance Learning only

· In-person 2 days per week

· In-person 4 days per week

Please make your selection by 5:00 pm on the last day of the portal being open, Wednesday, April 7th, depending on grade:

· The 7th – 12th grade portal will open from Monday, April 5th through Wednesday April 7th. The additional 4-day instructional model option will begin Tuesday, April 13th.

If there are any challenges in terms of accommodating your student for the four day per week option, we will contact you directly prior to the start of the 4-day instruction option.

Senior Information - Class of 2021!

Seniors see Synergy emails from Mr. Grivel and Ms. Green for vital information throughout the rest of the year

Graduation 2021

As a mom of a senior in High School, I know this has been extremely difficult to see our students missing out on a normal senior year and all the excitement that we are used to from the past. In addition, I know families and staff are anxiously awaiting the news on Graduation. In EGUSD and at MTHS, we want to do whatever we can to celebrate these amazing seniors to make sure they know how proud we are of them and to give them that in person ceremony if at all possible.

Graduation plans for all 3 ceremonies are going strong and we are just waiting to see about the in person ceremony options. As of today, the virtual ceremony is getting recorded within the upcoming weeks so we have that one ready for sure.

We ALL want an in person one and hope to make that happen but we will wait for directives from EGUSD since this is not a site decision and must adhere to the state and local public health guidance.

For planning purposes, in hopes of in person ceremonies of one type or another, remember that May 24th at 11am we still have Golden 1 reserved for our MT graduation if we can do it. If it is an outdoor in person ceremony, we just know it is planned for the week of May 24th but the date/time to be determined. The number of spectators is of course up in the air until we know which ceremony and what the guidelines say as we get closer.

I know, as a mom waiting for the same information, it is difficult to set up specific plans for families, but with patience and with everyone following the protocols in the community and at school, we have a much better chance to have an in person graduation. I am hopeful that by being patient and flexible, we will get to see our children cross a stage in person. I encourage everyone to keep following the protocols, vaccinated or not, and to help us keep the numbers going the right direction so we can get this opportunity for our kids.

Just know, there are many compassionate and intelligent people working on this in EGUSD for all 9 high schools and we here at MT are preparing our portions to be ready to go with whichever way we get approved to celebrate our special seniors in the class of 2021!

Thank you for your continued patience. We will get you the information as soon as we have it.

From EGUSD for ALL 9 High Schools re: GRADUATION in the community letter:

"Graduation plans are underway and preparations for at least three graduation options are being worked on whereby each will align with state and local public health guidance. More details and instructions will be forthcoming to help families make arrangements should the graduation event be offered in-doors, outdoors and/or virtually. In essence, our graduation plans must adhere to attendance or capacity limitations. We are ensuring that for those students who may not be comfortable attending an in-person graduation, a virtual alternative will also be available."

What if our students need a Chromebook or have an issue with a current one?

The student/family should contact the front office during work hours 7:30-4 Mon-Fri (except holidays)


Individuals will be told when and how to pick up a Chromebook on a case by case basis. It will not occur at distribution for term 4.

Athletics update

See the EGUSD Community Newsroom link here:

EGUSD Sports News

We are excited to get to see our students compete and will communicate when we know more details.

Outdoor Athletics teams are getting going and we are in competitions too!

We are so proud of you all for your perseverance throughout these difficult times and we wish you the best in your competitions!


Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, all dates are subject to change.

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