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I am of fan of Etik Benjamin. I am right in line with his beliefs and practices of the mind, body and soul.

With Etik's encouragement through quality brand development, I am able to effectively satisfy the demand that requires my time and energy.

My new healthy lifestyle has built me a wealthy brand. I Am Opulence!

- Anneka Maquay


I am especially grateful for Etik's presence, however brief, in my life. In short, every work spoken is so potent and always right on time for my growth emotionally, financially, and otherwise. Thank you.

Marsha Talley, CEO/Founder

Silhouette's Cafe LLC

~Inspired Lifestyle~


This is MY STORY and I am happy to share it.

I had my first session with Etik about four months ago. Initially I thought we were just chatting. At the conclusion I felt relaxed and somewhat exhausted.

This was because I was able to trust his guidance in helping me release unwanted stress. During follow up sessions he has assisted me in staying focused by aligning positive words and practices with my inner thoughts. Sometimes when I feel a little resistant, Etik is able to use necessary skills that leads to deeper thinking.

This process gently moves me to generate possibilities that leads to actions.

I have referred many people to Etik and agreed to pay him for their first session.

If you or someone you know are ready to move toward progressive growth and change, ask them to contact Etik.

-Brenda Garrett


Since my sessions with Etik started in April 2013 my life has completely changed for the better… Though that may not seem like a long time, enough to have a life epiphany at least it is the exact opposite with Etiks teaching and life healing methods. He has shown me that great things do not have to take a lifetime to get to but if you put your focus on happiness that you can see changes in a day hour minute or second… The steps he showed me to ensure that all my days are lived to the utmost opulence has worked and the one time I chose not to follow Etiks advice was my only “bad day” this summer. I never knew exactly what I was going in to meet with Etik about because he made the sessions so comfortable they just felt like conversations with someone ive known all my life and when I left he gave me exactly what I was lacking and needed to focus on more to be a better person… I recommend Etiks program to anyone no matter where you are in life Etik can surely take you higher


Hey I am Shawnda Dee and I would love to give my friend Etik a warm and lovely recommendation. Etik and I have know each other for the past 7 years and it has been a truly amazing and rewarding opportunity. We have grown together and I am extremely proud of his growth and expansion to assist and guide others. He is a visionary and royal assertive master at his craft.

I appreciate Etik the most for continuing to remain positive and open minded and always being a great assistant in person and for guidance. He has been extremely instrumental of the success of my business and always supporting me and encouraging me to do all I can and stay in the "Vortex". I would recommend Etik to you because he is truly a gem. Not only will he provide great guidance but best of all.... support and knowledge to assist you grow and excel. Choose him or "Get your life" lol:) ...Love SD