One in a million

By:Jessica Emmert


Once upon a time, in a time that was un-known, a Greek god named Sebastian prowls the earth with his one and only true love Clara. Once on one of their outings, a strong rain rushed through the village and swept sensations true love away. Sensation called to and called to her again, yet no answer was given in return. Still, he searched on for his one and only true love.

Many months had passed since this terrible occasion. Again and again he tried to, but didn't have the courage to do it, for his love was still strong. From one drop of blood he made twelve red roses to show his love for Clara also that there was still hope to find Clara, the goddess of magic.

To this very day, roses sprout all over and are gathered to express emotions for Sebastian's and Clara's love, but nobody knows where the roses had came from. Sebastian, the god who created roses will forever be remembered in the towns hearts, and many others, for he has created a symbol of love.

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