Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand's Tasty Food's

Most Thai dishes are very spicy, but not all.

A common dinner is rice with vegetable soup and stir fry. With meals, people enjoy multiple sauces such as Peanut Sauce, Soy Sauce, or a Hot Chili Sauce.

Fruit is also a usual thing. The fruit is bought and served on the same day for freshness. Some of the fruits in Thailand are not found in North or South America.

Tourists and visitors should be daring and try these new foods, because they are delicious!

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Captivating Culture

Did you know that there are lots of cool things to learn about Bangkok?

A fun time to visit Thailand is in April. in this month, Thai people celebrate the new year.

Yep, it's in April! they call it Songkran. You can party and have fun to celebrate. Go ahead and join the party!

Most of the arts in Thailand are influenced by Buddhism. Some of the nicest Thai architecture is on Buddhist Temples. Images of the Buddha appear in many different sculptures and paintings.

Thai literature is shown through poetry and plays. For example, you can go see a Shadow Play. This is a play where there are puppets behind a silk screen, and a light is being shown on the screen, so the audience only sees the shadow of the puppets.


Bangkok is a city that has it all!

A popular attraction is The Dusit Zoo, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Spend a day here and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and look at all of the unique animals.

Karaoke singing is one of the popular things to do in Bangkok. Visit a Karaoke Room to party like a pop-star!

If you like shopping, than the MBK is perfect for you. You can buy plenty of souvenirs at this gigantic shopping center.

After your long day of fun activities, relax and enjoy the sunset at Benjasiri Park.


There are so many landmarks and historical sites in Thailand, that I can only name a few!

A famous historical building is Vimanmek Palace. You can walk around and look at all of the pretty gardens and old buildings. King Rama used to live here. His past mansion is currently a museum. It displays special Thai objects and artifacts. You can tour the house and explore its galleries.

In Bangkok, you should visit Lumpini Park. It is said to be the most beautiful park in the city.

You will have such an amazing time in Thailand!

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Do not worry if you can't speak Thai, because English is widely spread through Thailand.

The official language of Thailand is Thai. But some other majorly spoken languages here are: English, Chinese, Malay, and Lao.

Since Bangkok is the capital city, you will get to see people from all over the place. Such as people from: China, Japan, India, Europe, America. And even more!

Even though Thai is the most broadly spoken language, the spread of many non-Thai languages are gaining momentum in some communities. Like English!

Most signs including traffic ones, are written in Thai and English.

Visitors who don't speak Thai can use English to communicate with the city!

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Bangkok has very nice weather all year round!

Experienced tourists say that October through February is the best time to visit here.

During this time, temperatures do not rise as high as the rest of the year. 72-82 F degrees is a nice break from the heat.

The average temperatures are between 72-97 degrees F year round. The "coldest" months are December and January.

The rainy months are May through September. (A.K.A. Summer) The rain really picks up in June.

Bangkok stays pretty warm all year, so be sure to pack light, comfortable clothing.

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