World Affairs Council Lecture

With Giovanna De Maio of the Brookings Institute

Tuesday, December 3, 12:00 PM

Please join us here at Casa Italiana for a special midday lecture with visiting scholar Giovanna De Maio of the Brookings Institute.

De Maio will speak on the topic of populism in Italy and France. Click here for more information on De Maio and her research.

"With a background on Russia and international security, as well as on Italy’s relations with Russia, EU and United States, De Maio’s research analyzes Italian domestic and foreign politics, in light of the challenge posed by the rise of populism in the European Union and of the political instability in the Mediterranean. In particular, De Maio is working on the evolving topic of 'direct democracy' in the Italian case and its possible consequences on democratic stability." - De Maio's introduction on the Brookings Institute website.