England Vs Spain

and the Spanish Armada


By: Fernando Garcia, Javier Alfaro, and Ashley Serna


The England vs. Spain war otherwise known as the anglo-spanish war was when Spain attempted to Invade England, and failed. the goal for Spain was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth Ind her involvement with the Spanish Netherlands. the anglo-spanish war was from 1585-1604 and over the period in time there were many ships sunk, and there were also many deaths. There were about 51 ships wrecked in the battle, and 20,000 deaths overall. there were many losses over the time period between England, and Spain, and it led to the defeat of Spain.



In 1568 Spanish ships came near English waters, resulting in the English seizing the Spanish ship taking their gold, which was going to pay for the Spanish army. After the Spanish responded by attacking England's docked merchant ships.


Before the death of Mary Tudor Elizabeth's half sister who was originally married to Philip of Spain created the tie between the two countries. Right after the death of Mary, Elizabeth became queen. The parliament and others believed Elizabeth and Philip would marry each other to keep ties between Spain and England, but this did no happen. Although Philip wanted to keep Elizabeth at the throne, the two countries drifted apart. originally there was various reasons for the war between England and Spain. Many where thought it was because England changed to a Protestant country, and with Elizabeth being excommunicated by the pope, while Spain remained a Catholic country.

course :

Primary Source Documents

Speech given by Queen Elizabeth in 1588

Addressing her people she assures them she will use all her power to keep England at the top of all other European countries

Key figures/Groups:


  • Sir Francis Drake: He is known for being the first Englishman to navigate to the Straits of Magellan. He is a sea captain, privateer, navigator, a slaver (someone who deals with slaves) and a politician. He known by the Spanish as a "pirate," since he despise the Spanish, for attacking his ship (full of slaves) unexpectedly.
  • Lord Charles Howard of Effingham: Not only was he Elizabeth 1's premier admiral and courtier. He is a also related to her by being cousins. As well as being a lord, he also served in many official positions, such as a commissioner, ambassador and etc. Even though, he did not have lots of experience with the sea, he fought with his colleague Sir Francis Drake.
  • Sir John Hawkins: He played a big role in the war, as he stealthily stoled the slaves from the Spanish, back to England. That got the them even more furious with England and made the conflict even worse. Not only was he the British's admiral, he was also a shipbuilder, naval administrator and commander, merchant, navigator and and pirate.


  • The Duke of Medina-Sedonia: His real name is Alonso pérez de Guzman. He's the commander and sea captain of the Spanish Armada, even though he's inexperienced with the sea. He also is one of the most wealthiest person in Europe in his generation.


In the end England was victorious, by having a more advanced technology and a better leader (Elizabeth 1st). after, the death of queen Elizabeth James I Offered King Philip III, (Philip II successor) a peace treaty; The Treaty of London between the two countries. With King Philip accepting the offer.

Terms of the Treaty:

Spain stop trying to restore Catholicism in England.

English channel to be opened for Spanish trading.

End of English intervention in the Dutch Revolt.

England stops aiding with military and financial support to the Dutch rebels.