Ector County

By: Rayyan Mateen

About Ector County

-The county seat for Ector County is Odessa, TX

-Ector County is named after Mathew Ector who was the confederate general in the american civil war

-Ector County is known for their oil because of the oil boom that happened in 1926

-This county was established in 1893

Some cool things to do at Ector County is that it has less taxes, cheap homes, lot's of activities for the kids, spectacular jobs and awesome schools for your kids education.

Points of Interests

  • House of the Bushes- Where George W. and H.W. Bush lived
  • The Ector County Discovery Well- the place where they found the first oil in Ector County. They did in 1926.
  • Comanche War Trail- the trail where the Comanche's drove the Apache west and the Caddoes east to get the land.