Massachusetts, The Place for Purity

Welcome to the Puritan Holy Land

Religion in Massachusetts

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Religion is extremely important to us. Our colony is made up mostly of puritans, who follow the Bible and believe that it is the way of life. Massachusetts is a place for worshipers of God, we have a church for everyone to worship God. It is much better than the colony of Pennsylvania, where they have no boundaries on religion and there are numerous untrustworthy faiths. For anyone who wishes to be able to follow the Bible without the worry of being treated unfairly, Massachusetts is the perfect place for you!

Massachusetts Economy

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Here we have many skilled workers: shipbuilders, fisherman, and fur and lumber traders. Make your living here by fishing on our beautiful coasts or cutting down trees in our dense forests. With our ships we are capable to trade with other colonies, England, and foreign parts in Europe.


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Our children here have a high level of education. We believe that it is important for them to form a proper relationship with God. Our instructors and teachers go from local teachers to Harvard-educated teachers. In our school you will be sure that your child will learn the Bible thoroughly. Settle here now and earn a FREE school scholarship to one of our schools. LIMITED TIME OPPURTUNITY!


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As of 1630, John Winthrop is our great colony's governor. Our government is governed by ourselves, along with strong religious influence. Our laws are based on the Bible; what God wants us or doesn't want us to do. Here you can be sure that any civil or criminal offences will be dealt with accordingly.

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