JMS Weekly Update

September 27, 2020

Dear JMS Families,

We are working tirelessly to prepare for our transition to the Hybrid Model, which is scheduled to occur on Monday, October 5th. We have included as much information as we can in this week's update. We hope that it is helpful to you.

We know that there are still questions that need to be answered, and we are working to find these answers for you. We will be sharing more specific information about start time, breakfast and the 10AM start schedule later this week.

We greatly appreciate your continued patience and support. Please reach out to myself or Ms. Deet if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to having students back in the building soon!


Dr. Sarah Shaw, Principal

Ms. Katelyn Deet, Assistant Principal

Weekly Schedule


Monday - No School - Yom Kippur

Tuesday - Day 5

Wednesday - Day 1

Thursday - Day 2

Friday - Day 3

Monday (10/5) - Day 4 - 1st Day of Hybrid

  • A-E - Report to school by 8:00.
  • F-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Tuesday (10/6) - Day 5
  • F-L - Report to school by 8:00.
  • A-E, M-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Wednesday (10/7) - Day 1
  • A-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom by 8:00.

Thursday (10/8) - Day 2
  • M-R - Report to school by 8:00.
  • A-L, S-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Friday (10/9) - Day 3
  • S-Z - Report to school by 8:00.
  • A-R, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Hybrid Information

Hybrid Cohorts

Students will be split into two cohorts for the Hybrid Model.

  • A-L - Report to JMS on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • M-Z - Report to JMS on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Cyber Cohort - Home Monday - Friday

Gradual Return to the Building - (10/5, 10/6, 10/8, 10/9)

Beginning the week of Oct. 5th, we will be gradually welcoming our students back to the building. Students who are scheduled to return to the building will begin their day at JMS at 8:00AM. Students who are scheduled to be at home, will begin their day at 10AM. 1/2 of each cohort will report to JMS following the schedule below:

Monday (10/5) - Day 4 - 1st Day of Hybrid

  • A-E - Report to school by 8:00.
  • F-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Tuesday (10/6) - Day 5

  • F-L - Report to school by 8:00.
  • A-E, M-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Wednesday (10/7) - Day 1

  • A-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - Log in to homeroom by 8:00.

Thursday (10/8) - Day 2

  • M-R - Report to school by 8:00.
  • A-L, S-Z, Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

Friday (10/9) - Day 3

  • S-Z - Report to school by 8:00.
  • A-R , Cyber Cohort - Home - log in to homeroom at 10:00.

From 8:00AM-10:00AM (10/5, 10/6, 10/8, 10/9)

We have scheduled orientation time from 8:00AM-10:00AM for students will be in the building. During this time, students will:

  • Learn about our new rules, expectations and procedures.
  • Have a guided tour of the building.
  • Have an opportunity to walk their schedule.
  • Spend time learning about their team.

Arriving to School

Students should arrive to JMS by 8:00AM. In an effort to physically distance we are asking students to use the following doors for arrival:

  • Twisters = D-28
  • Wildfire = A-2
  • Stars = C-18
  • Thunderbolts = A-1
  • Emerald = C-27
  • Sapphire = C-25

Entering through these doors will allow the students to enter the building nearest to their lockers/homerooms. You can view a map here.

We will have adults at each door to welcome and guide the students to their homerooms.

Rules, Expectations & Procedures


  • Students will enter the building and report directly to homeroom.


  • Students will be dismissed from homeroom in small groups to use their lockers.
  • Lockers will be used to store coats, boots, umbrellas, and sporting equipment.
  • Students will use their backpacks to carry their materials. They will not be visiting their lockers throughout the day.
  • Lockers will be assigned to maximize physical distance between students.


  • Students will walk in a single file line on the right side of the hallway.

  • At the end of class, students will be released by a staggered bell schedule to avoid congestion in the hallways.


  • Students will use an electronic passes.

  • No more than 3 students at a time (unless there is an emergency). Students will wait their turn using the 6ft. markers on the floor.


  • We will be using the cafeteria and classrooms for lunch.

  • The cafeteria and classrooms will be set up with desks for individual students spaced 6 feet apart, all facing the same direction.

  • Students will wash/sanitize hands before and after lunch.

  • Lunch will be free and grab and go.


  • Desks will face the same direction.

  • Desks will be 6ft apart where feasible.

  • Ultraboard Barriers will be used when 6ft is not feasible.

  • Students should wash/sanitize hands at the beginning and the end of each class.


  • All staff and students are required to wear a mask when in the building.

  • Mask breaks can occur for no longer than 10 minutes and students must be 6 feet apart.

  • Students will have masks off when eating, but must be spaced 6 feet apart.

  • When not eating, students must wear masks.

Ultraboard Barriers

  • Are required to be used when 6ft of space is not feasible in a classroom.

  • Can be used anytime.

  • Will remain in classrooms (students will not travel with them).

Bring Your Own Technology

  • Students will bring their own device, charging cord and headphones to school everyday.

  • Charging stations will be provided in classrooms.

  • If a student does not have a portable device to use, you can request a device using this link.

Physical Education

  • Students will not be changing for PE.
  • Students should wear appropriate clothing on PE days.
  • We will not be using the locker rooms.


  • Students will dismiss from JMS through their arrival doors.

New News

Nurse's Office - Medication Drop Off

Medication drop off will be different this year as we try to limit the amount of visitors within the school building. The nurse’s office is suggesting that medication as well as medication orders be dropped off prior to the first day of school.

Medication drop off for Jefferson Middle & Jefferson Elementary will be on September 29th, 2020 from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm at the Moffett Street Go-Zones/ A1 Entrance.

Upon arrival at the school, please call the nurse’s office 412-344-2127 and the school nurse will come out to meet you. Please make sure that you are wearing a mask the entire time you are on school property and to keep contact to a minimum, please send only one adult to drop off medication. If you have questions or are unable to drop off medication on September 29th, please email your child’s school nurse, Mrs. Lauren Suess, to arrange a drop off time that suits your schedule.

Other Information

Attendance Information - FAQ

We have been getting some questions about attendance, so we have created an attendance FAQ for you. In this document you will find information about the attendance codes, what to do about early dismissals/late arrivals, pre-approved absences and absence excuses.

JMS Spiritwear Sale

We are re-launching our Spiritwear store as promised. Check out the new colder weather items-hats, sweatshirts, joggers, and fleeces. Orders can be placed using this link. Items can be shipped to your home (free over $99) or local pickup will be available. The store will close October 5th with delivery around October 29th.

Material Pick-Up

If your child was unable to get his or her materials last week during the second wave of material distribution you can come to pick up your materials between 8am-3pm during the week. If this time does not work for your family, please contact Ms. Deet to arrange another time.


We are in the process of developing micro-experiences for students. These experiences will take place at JMS. Initially, these experiences will occur before/after school. Students who participate in these experiences should complete the Self-Assessment Form and the MTLSD Athletic & Activities Participation Waiver, prior to participating. Students will also be required to comply with the universal masking and physical distancing requirements.

At this time, participation in these micro-experiences is voluntary. Students will not be penalized (grades, attendance, etc.) for choosing not to participate in these activities.

Lunch is now FREE!

The Mt. Lebanon School District is now serving free Grab-and-Go Meals to any student in the community under the age of 18, with no eligibility requirements, until further notice. The meals will be distributed at the elementary schools. Please be sure to complete the meal survey sent every Friday afternoon.



Meals will be available from 10:45 until 1:15 every day to accommodate all students during their lunch periods.


Boys Basketball Tryouts

7th and 8th grade boys basketball tryouts will be held the week of Oct. 26th.

Specific dates for each grade and times will be shared at a later date. All students interested in trying out must be registered through Family ID and have an up to date physical submitted. If they do not have this completed, they will not be permitted to tryout. You can complete both by going to the following link .

Any questions on physicals and registration, should contact the athletic office. Please continue to look for information on the weekly updates and morning announcements.

-Coach Dietz


We are excited to announce that we are now offering the convenience of online registration for our athletic programs through partner company, FamilyID ( FamilyID is a secure registration platform that provides you with an easy, user-friendly way to register for our programs, and helps us to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. When you register through FamilyID, you enter your information once for multiple uses, multiple kids and multiple programs.


Families In Need of Technology

As we prepare to start the 2020-2021 school year, we are asking families who need to borrow student technology to please complete the form linked below:

Be sure to list every student for whom you need to borrow a device on this form. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive status emails including device pickup details from an email address. Please also be sure to whitelist email addresses with your email provider to ensure that you receive these communications from us.

Please direct any and all questions regarding loaned equipment to our support address:

JMS PTA Information

JMS PTA Membership

JMS PTA membership drive is open. In a typical year, your membership fee to the JMS PTA helps to meet our budget commitments to various PTA-sponsored school programs. This year we have reduced the membership cost to $15, to cover primarily the national and state dues and fees associated with the organization, and we have included an option to make a donation, 100% of which goes to JMS PTA-supported activities. Membership includes one vote per household at PTA meetings, inclusion in the Membership Directory, and PTA Newsletters. Families can link a second parent's email to their first at no additional cost or decide to purchase memberships for two parents. Membership Toolkit has a mobile app for your convenience.

You will be prompted to update your family's information, opt in or out of the directory, and update your child's team, optional phone contact info, and the elementary school from which they came.

Family Membership

Please join us!

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Box Tops

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to earn money for our school. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, so don't forget to physically and electronically clip the for us! The clipped Box Tops can be turned into the office.

See Box Tops for more information on how to scan Box Tops and to download the app. Receipts must be scanned within 14 days for the Box Tops to be scanned electronically.

Giant Eagle

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Office Depot/Office Max has a school rewards program. When shopping, remember to ask the cashier to tag Jefferson Middle School. For online orders, enter our school ID (Thomas Jefferson Middle School ID:70088453 Pittsburgh, PA) on the Thank You Confirmation page.

Resources For Families

Safe 2 Say Something

Safe2Say Something is a youth violence prevention program run by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. The program teaches youth and adults how to recognize warning signs and signals, especially within social media, from individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and to “say something” BEFORE it is too late. With Safe2Say Something, it’s easy and confidential to report safety concerns to help prevent violence and tragedies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit a report through the Safe2SaySomething system
  • Crisis center reviews, assesses and processes all submissions
  • Crisis center sends all submissions to school administration and/or law enforcement for intervention
  • If needed, crisis center may contact tipster anonymously through the app

Jefferson Middle School

The Jefferson Middle School learning community has an exceptional reputation for its dedicated teachers, staff and parents working together to provide learning experiences for our children that include high expectations, a challenging curriculum and a shared commitment to provide the best education possible for each and every student.