Our September 2018 Young Scholars

Honoring Readers, Writers, Students & Artists of the Month

The August and September Young Scholars Assembly is...

Friday, Sep. 21st, 2-3:30pm

Turrill Elementary School

  • E5-2nd Grade 2:00-2:30
  • 2nd/3rd-5th Grade 2:45-3:15

In addition to being excellent readers and writers, students are selected for these awards by displaying characteristics important for people to be successful adults and are representative of all our Turrill students.

Some examples of the important traits we recognize are responsibility, resiliency, perseverance, and kindness. Furthermore, students selected demonstrate a passion for learning and show a positive attitude toward peers and staff.

We believe these students have met and surpassed these criteria, and clearly demonstrate the outstanding qualities we look for in our student recipients.

Student of the Month Lunch with the Principal for August AND September is...

Friday, Sep. 21st, 11:30am-1:30pm

Turrill Elementary School

The Student of the Month for August and September "Lunch with the Principal" is Friday, September 21st.

The August and September Student of the Month for each classroom bring their appetites during their normal lunch period and I bring the pepperoni pizza!

E5-2nd Grade Readers of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Elizabeth Dodes

Abeare - Grayson Goemaere

Badyrka - Lucas Dawley

Ruhlman - Baylee Davis

Campbell - Ryver Anderson

Lawrence - Riley Jones

Smith - Ella Weidinger

Christian - Joshua Miller

Oliver - Grayson Fleury

E5-2nd Grade Writers of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Pierce Peifer

Abeare - Jonathan McDonald

Badyrka - Ellie McGregor

Ruhlman - Gavin Williams

Campbell - Addison Cavanaugh

Lawrence - Garrett Beaudette

Smith - Kennedy White

Christian - Nolan Dolliver

Oliver - Nolan Francek

E5-2nd Grade Students of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Wesley Saunders

Abeare - Avery Montgomery

Badyrka - Troy Crawford

Ruhlman - Cole Salcido

Campbell - Eila Rydzewski

Lawrence - Delilah Brassert

Smith - Rio Zuhlke

Christian - Mason Williams

Oliver - Leah Draheim

2nd/3rd-5th Readers of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Ensley DeYonker

Baxter - Lynden Jelneck

Tripp - Jadenn Jacovetti

Chaffin - Dalton Warnke

Fantin - Eli Fox

Berry - Vincent Revesz

Hoganson - Garrett Opatik

Short - Johnny Hall

2nd/3rd-5th Writers of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Benjamin Kamin

Baxter - Alexavier Willbanks

Tripp - Serenity Raine Bennett

Chaffin - Kylee High

Fantin - Lorelai Bollaert

Berry - Sophia Showler

Hoganson - Anna Patten

Short - Aryanna Hooper

2nd/3rd-5th Students of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Damien Russell

Baxter - Lliam Badyrka

Tripp - Gabriel Bednarchick

Chaffin - Ayannah Jackson

Fantin - Zack Breeding

Berry - Isabella Irvan

Hoganson - Madeline LaCross

Short - Allison Rutledge