Weren't You Born to be an Author?

Claim Your Right to Write!

The Right to Write Audio Course

I created this course because, as a columnist for Writing Magazine, I hear from so many aspiring authors who are blocked. They know that they have a book inside them, but something is holding them back from claiming their right to be a writer. This six week audio course helps them to break through those blocks.

Rebecca Woodhead


What's Holding You Back?

This six week audio course takes you through:

  1. The EXCUSES you make for not leaving behind the 'aspiring' and becoming an author, and how to move on from them
  2. The FEAR you have of both success and failure, and how to obliterate it
  3. The BLOCKS you have, and how to break through them
  4. The DREAMS you can't quite define, and how to get clear on them
  5. The DRIVE you need to step into your new role of author ....

and much more.

How is Rebecca Woodhead Qualified to Help You?

Oh ... and she's a coma survivor ...

Rebecca had to teach herself to speak and write to do this.

Whatever is holding you back, it won't be THAT bad!

If this worked for her, what can it do for you?

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