Cindy - earth


my planet is earth

How MY PLANET was discovered

My planet is earth.My planet is the one and only with water,food,animals,and trees and it has the right temperature .Earth is the only one that people cane servive and it has 1 color is biue,and green earth is a inner planet.The days to orbit the sun is 363.3 day and earth is the 3rd one.Its dastance from the sun keep it at the right temperature to support life.

Distances of MY PLANET

Order of the Sun: my planet is the 3rd planet

Distance from the sun in AU: 1AU

in km: 149.6 million k.

Orbit and Rotation of MY PLANET

Number of days to orbit around the sun: 363.3 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day): 24 hours

Water forms on MY PLANET

On earth there are so many canes of waters there are in rivers,lakes,pools in homes they are anyware.

Weather on MY PLANET

On earth there are many canse of weather like thunder storm,rian,snow,and tornados.

Human Colony on MY PLANET

All the people live there on earth put not everyone lives in the same state.

Picture of MY PLANET

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Atmosphere and Temperature of MY PLANET