Academic Framework for LA

LPS Closed through April 24

Goal #1: We want to keep our school community connected, collaborative, and creative (Students + Staff)

In order to keep everyone connected and collaborative we're going to ask all students and staff to download the GroupMe app on their phones (you can also open as a web page on your laptop) and join our group titled, "LA Spring 2020".

Doing this will allow everyone at Liberty Academy to be on the same chat group (about 100 people). We may also add some of our partners to the group so that they can help with ideas, projects, and feedback as you work on things from home. Ideally, this chat will connect our students, staff, and partners so that we can all work together for as long as we need to. We will have some ground rules for the group:

  • No Profanity or Vulgar Language, Subject Matter, and/or Conversation Topics
  • No Bullying, Putting Others Down, or Disrespect To Members of Our School Community
  • Posts, Comments, and Questions Should Be School Related & Academic In Nature
  • Respect Any Group Norms That We Set as a School or Community
  • Note: Any issues with the above would be documented for future disciplinary action once school resumes and also result in students being removed from the group.
  • Please email, text, or call your advisor or a staff member with any issues or questions as we get started.

Goal #2: We want to keep our students connected with their advisors so that they can set daily goals, weekly goals, and talk through the projects they'd like to focus on from home during Burst #4 (2 courses for credit).

Students, your advisor knows you best (grades, credits, projects, strengths, weaknesses, etc.). We want to make sure that you continue to work with your advisor from home just like you would at school. As a result, each advisor will also be creating an advisory GroupMe chat that their students will join so that you and your advisor can work together in smaller group settings. Advisors will work with you to set daily goals, help you through tough times, generate creative ideas for projects, and ensure that you are making progress from week to week.

Note: Each advisor will also be setting up an email group for parents of advisory students. We want to make sure that parents know exactly what your daily and weekly goals look like as well.

Goal #3: We want to keep the academic framework of our school intact and running smoothly.

For the most part, the only thing that will change about our academic framework will be the trips we take and the resources you might be using inside our school. We feel like everything else should still function just like normal. The majority of our work can be found on Canvas (Mr. Brinkmeyer is creating a folder for you to work with your advisors to think through project-related work and how that might change (or stay the same) now that we're working from home). Details below:

  • PE (Health + Wellness) Credit: We want every student to use the PE log template (found on Canvas) to document all the things you're doing each day to remain healthy and safe (meditation, yoga videos, good decisions, eating healthy food, taking a walk, getting outdoors, etc.). This will be logged from home and you'll be able to share your progress with your advisor.
  • Math Credit: All Math can be found on Canvas as usual. You'll work with your advisor to set goals for the week and work to show proof on the concepts you need to master. We won't be publishing quizzes so you'll simply be responsible for proving that you understand the concept through repetition, practice, and/or application. This can be done by completing the practice problems and/or teacher talks for each lesson (which are attached to the notes page). If you are unable to print the notes you may use scratch paper to complete the problems. Students can always direct Math related questions to Mr. Brinkmeyer or other staff on the school wide GroupMe discussion.
  • Online Classes: These will proceed as normal and students will work to set daily and weekly goals with their advisors based on the number of classes they need to complete by May. If you finish a class please fill out the "Online Completion" form on Canvas.
  • Social Emotional (SEL) Goals + ELA Credit: Students will continue to catch up on all ELA work that might have been missing prior to spring break. In addition, we'll be creating some ELA activities that you can engage in or choose from for the weeks of March and April (and further if need be). We'd love to find ways to connect your ELA credit to the challenging times we're facing, the things you're thankful for/thinking most about, or maybe specifically dealing with in regards to your family.
  • Project Work + Embedded Classes: This will be an area where you and your advisor could start to get creative about the types of projects you might want to tackle from home. Students would have the option to continue with their original ideas for Burst #4 conferences with some potentially small changes or they could create something brand new (photography, journaling, songwriting, guitar practicing, interior design, projects related to the virus, get well letters to seniors, etc.). As you're thinking about the creative things you might want to engage in over the next month remember to review the various types of project options that are available and how you could design projects that keep you connected with all of our partners. Our best strategy as a school may be to help you identify a few things you'd like to do and then figure out the classes we'd like to embed in a few weeks once progress has been made and projects have been started.
  • Senior Cohort + Graduation Requirements: Mr. Brinkmeyer will continue to push out a few projects that seniors need to do at home in order to get their credit as part of our senior cohort class. If there are any additional things students need to do in order to prepare for graduation (passing Constitution tests) we'll let everyone know as well so that we can start planning ahead for that process.

Goal #4: Communicate with us, make progress each day, continue to explore who you are, and work to show others how creative and productive our school can be in its most challenging times.

Final Note from Mr. Smith

Very few schools are built for this challenge. We're built for it by design. Every day we view learning as anytime and anywhere, every aspect of your learning is personalized, and your projects are based on interest with the ability to connect almost any standard to the ideas you have. In addition, Canvas is easy to access and you'll have a 24/7 connection to our school, our staff, each other, and the community we've worked hard to build. We'll figure everything out as the week goes on but we'll make sure everyone has what they need to be successful.

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